Why should I choose Waters Edge Construction, Inc.?

James began building new homes with his dad in his home town of Menomonie in 1993. James and his wife Jenny started Waters Edge Construction in 1994. They built their first custom home in Roberts, WI in 1995. Waters Edge Construction, Inc. has been building new homes in the Hudson, River Falls, New Richmond, and surrounding St. Croix Valley Area ever since!

Waters Edge Construction, Inc. has always been a small family owned construction company.

As you can see from the early years, there isn’t one part of the new construction process that the family run company hasn’t been a part of! From picking the right lot to suit the project, running the excavator to dig the hole, pouring the concrete foundation, framing, siding, insulating, wiring, plumbing, dry-walling, painting, trimming, cabinet construction and installation, tiling and wood floor installation and finishing. They know it because they have lived it! In addition to residential new construction, Waters Edge has done many residential and commercial remodel projects. They also have a full time wood floor installation and refinishing company, Integrity Flooring.

We receive referrals from past clients, realtors, peers in our industry, family and friends.  Because we are a small company, we can offer very personalized home building experience. Sometimes clients come to us with a list of items they want in a home and we work from there. We meet one on one and discuss what you are looking for in a home plan. We discuss your budget. We discuss your time frame for a home build. If you already have a lot chosen, we make sure the home you desire to build will work on that particular lot.

We work with you to form a rough concept of a plan, if we don’t have an existing plan that meets your needs. Then we take that rough plan to our draftsman where the rough idea becomes the blueprint for your dream home!

If you haven’t chosen a lot, we help you to choose a lot that works with your house plan. Once a lot is chosen, a solid bid can be given on the price of the home. The numbers are gathered together for the cost of the septic system, well, driveway, power to the site, excavating, and tree clearing if necessary. We prepare a contract that has all these costs detailed along with all the materials involved in the cost of home. If you like what you see, we sign a contract and start the build!

Sometimes clients come to us with a home plan and a lot already picked out. We then put together a home bid proposal for them to preview. If they like what they see, we meet to sign and get the build started!

We no longer do every step of the building process ourselves. We have trusted subcontractors we have used for years to do our plumbing, heating, insulating and concrete work. Because we have done all these elements ourselves, we are very knowledgeable and can oversee that the process is being done correctly, and we can answer in depth any questions you may have about the processes.

Generally, from breaking ground to becoming a turnkey home, the timeframe is about four months.
Waters Edge Construction can oversee and complete your project from start to finish.  We can also bid individual components of your project.  We can give you pricing on items such as excavating, framing, wiring/electrical, heating and cooling, including geothermal systems, wood floor installation and finishing, tiling, interior trimming, and siding.
We can assist you in selling your existing property, purchasing the perfect land for the next project and take you to job completion.  We can even recommend some trusted individuals in the mortgage industry to help you get the best rates for your specific project.
Quality Materials and Products From the Foundation Up.

Whether you are installing new hardwood floors, resanding and refinishing existing floors, planning an addition or deck or building a new home or commercial facility, you can be assured that only the best products will  be used to ensure beauty and integrity.
We can customize existing plans or start from scratch to fit your individual needs.

Fully Licensed, Insured and Bonded

Dwelling Contractor CertificationWI953393
Dwelling Contractor Qualifier CertificationWI11367
Building Contractor LicenseMN20634879
HVAC Contractor RegistrationWI904665
Electrical CertificationWI11367
Refrigerant Technician CertificationWI11367
Real Estate SalespersonWI43409-094

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